With over 10 years of auto moving experience, “Express Cars Direct” understands the importance of carefully transporting a person’s or company vehicle. Treating each vehicle like their personal vehicle, the staff at ECD is determined to be a leading company in the auto transport industry. From providing assistance with pre-move preparations to following through with post-move or return trip details, ECD – Express Cars Direct guarantees second-to-none customer service.

When selecting the best auto transport company, make sure it offers the superior service a 5-Star Carrier service would, that is why before you decide, come by our office and see why most people use and recommend Express Cars Direct.

Why Ship Your Vehicle

Shipping a car is can be a stressful undertaking. These Transport Tips will help make it easier on you by answering some basic questions and giving you some tips on how to help ensure a successful auto transport experience.

How to Choose Transport

Why should you ship a car? And what kind of auto transport company should you use? These “Transport Tips” will help answer the first question as well as help you figure out which kind of transport company fits your needs.

How to prepare Vehicle

Why should I ship my car, how long does it take and what can I do so save some cash? Never fear, dear reader! These “Transport Tips” will answer these questions and help you make an informed choice when you need to ship a car.